Sunday, June 18, 2006 


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My Bed !!! I love my bed. Its nice to look at, its very comfortable and its my haven. Its always dressed in white cotton sheets and pretty white embroidered pillowcases. The Bedspreads, Eiderdowns and Quilts are predominately white with touches of baby blue. I make the bed with double everything….two fitted sheets and two pillowcases just like they do in the best Hotels. It makes sleeping more cozy and comfortable and its a little touch of luxury that makes me feel special.
Its so important to have your bed just the way you like it, not just for a good nights sleep, its so much more than that. When Im feeling sick there is no other place I want to be than in my own bed. Curling up on the couch just doesn’t do it for me when I have a headache or just feel miserable. Its as though my bed wraps its arms around me and comforts me like a big old teddy bear. Its soothing. Its gentle. And its familiar.
My bed has seasonal changes as well. When its Summer time its dressed in very light white cottons. Cool and fresh looking. In Winter, pretty quilts and cushions make it look cosy and inviting. At Christmas time, It has gorgeous huge red pillows and tartan throws to give it a festive feel.
And every night before I settle down to sleep, I think about all the people who might be sleeping on the streets, on a park bench or in a dark alleyway. I think about how they might be freezing cold and even in danger of predators. I think how fortunate I am and I thank God for my bed. I thank Him that I have a safe, warm and restful place to refresh and renew myself.

ahh you are back sweet Cookie. I thankyou from the bottom of my heart for supporting me xoxo
You are right in making your bed cozy & comfortable, to make your self feel special - cause indeed you are. You are a sweet soul xoxo

Such a lovely post about your own special bed and sparing a thought for those who don't have beds or privileges we do. Thank you for this reminder of how wonderfully lucky we are.

Your bed sounds wonderful. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we are to have beds to call our own.

What a lovely safe harbor you have created for yourself.

Your bed looks really freesh and cosy! And do I spot a gorgeous rose hat box under your bed table?

Dear Cookie, thank you so much for the lovely comment you've left on my blog again! Hugs back xox

You bed coverings are very pretty Cookie and your room looks relaxing and serene. I'm pretty fond of my bed and my bedroom. Living with only my husband and my son, I try hard not to fix up the house with too many feminine things, but my bedroom has more of them. It's my retreat from all the sports on TV and boy stuff that goes on some days. I read in there, work on embroidery and watch movies more suited to my taste than theirs. Sometimes I just close my eyes and daydream.
This post is timely for me as I am making a donation today towards an organization that helps to provide shelter, supports, feeds and clothes young people in our area who are "street kids"... in memory of a beautiful young man who recently passed away.

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