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The music gene definitely runs in my family. Its a huge part of our lives and has been for as long as I can remember. My first memory is way back when I was about seven years old and I accompanied my father to Mass every sunday morning. He had a beautiful tenor voice and sang in the Cathedral Choir in our home city. I remember it well because I was very uninterested in the singing and spent the whole time playing on the stone steps which led up to the Choir Gallery. My father's father wasnt a singer but he was a champion ballroom dancer and was said to be very talented and light on his feet. I wish I had known him, he died a few months before I was born. As I grew up, I was always involved with school and church choirs and around that time,my teenage brother became a singer in a rock band......long hair and all !!! He was a "teen idol" and we had countless young girls phoning our house and hanging out front waiting for a glimpse of him. Ah those were the days!!!
As a young single, I went to live in Italy for a few years and there I met my Italian husband. He and my father both loved opera and classical music, so it was only natural that when our children were born they were exposed to it at a very early age. As she was growing up, our daughter studied singing, piano and flute and now participates in amateur theatre and latin dancing. Our son began listening to Beethhoven when he was about 4 years old and by age 8 began to learn the Flute. As a classically trained flautist, he has played in orchestras and ensembles and played at his sisters wedding, which was a very proud moment for us all. Every Christmas my father would sing Carols with the children accompanying him on piano and flute. The singing would get louder and more raucous and end up in hysterical laughter. Its a memory we will always cherish. When my father was diagnosed with cancer we decided to care for him at home as he didnt want to be in a hospice. His last days were spent with his family around him and his beloved classical music softly playing in the background. It was a sad and special time for us and we were privileged to witness his last moments.
Music has been an important part of our family life. Just as important as love and food, music has sustained us through the good times and the sad times. I thank God for my talented family.
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what a lovely post, and how special your memories are. it truly is a blessing to have music in the blood of your family... (and ps, i'm still chuckling about your crush on Johnny ;-)

It's wonderful that your family has a vein of music running through it. I loved reading about your various family members' musical talent and how music has played such an important role in your life. Just beautiful!

What an amazing family! I wish I could listen to you perform.


What a wonderful thing to have in your family...the love and gift of music!
This is such a lovely post, and the talents of your family are ever so special...How proud you must be!

A beautiful post - thank you for sharing :)

I chuckled when I read about Pride and Prejudice - I recently went out and bought the DVD, I enjoyed it so much. I quite like that Mr Darcy myself :)

Take care...

I could not help but note the circumstanes of your father's passing and the environment of love that surrounded him. My father too died of cancer and hopsice came to our home everyday for six weeks til his passing. Music was constantly in the air, CDs, people and their guitars, voices lifted in song and the music of laughter, my son playing his bassoon. It was a marvelous time. I'm so glad you have the same sort of memory of your father.

How truly lovely that your family can share such the wonderful lifetime gift of music with each other.

How poignant, yet lovely that music has sustained your family through the sad times as well the good ones. What a rich treasure trove of memories in your 'music box.'

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What a lovely post! I also come from a wonderful musical family and really resonated with your comments.
(I've missed seeing you on my blog--it has been forever since you were there: dancingontheceiling.blogspot.com

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